I’m Petey

Hi, I’m Petey.  I may be a dragon but have a heart of a teddy bear.  I would like to thank you for considering using my family’s home health agency called Pedia Pros Home Health, Inc..  We are just that….. a family of professional and caring caregivers here in Texas.  We strive to provide the very best comprehensive care possible to children in need.

How did I become a caring little dragon?  Funny you should ask J.  I was actually raised by a family of teddy bears who taught me the importance of caring for others.  During my younger dragon years, I helped care for my sister who was sick for a very long time.  Starting PediaPros was a dream that I’ve had ever since.  Our family of nurses and therapists look forward to providing you with the most comprehensive and best care possible.  We’re very excited to meet you and your family! Give me a call today at (210) 780-7250!

Love and kindness.

Your friendly dragon,